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  • Plaaswerkers proe sukses as eienaars van vrugteplaas

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    Nege Overbergse plaaswerkers se drome het waar geword toe hulle die trotse eienaars geword het van ’n vrugteplaas naby Villiersdorp.
  • STEM: Sal jy uit beginsel jou Facebook-profiel uitwis?

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    STEM: Facebook-gebruikers is woedend nadat dit aan die lig gekom het Facebook het ’n konsultasiemaatskappy toegang gegee tot die persoonlike inligting van sowat 50 miljoen Facebook-gebruikers, sonder hul toestemming. Die hutsmerk #DeleteFacebook doen nou die ronde op Twitter.

    Hoe voel jy? Sal jy jou Facebook-rekening uitwis?
  • Israel’s Chief Rabbi calls black people ‘monkeys' - BDS

    10 hours ago 2 likes 20 shares
    The human rights and Palestine solidarity organisation, BDS South Africa, condemns the racism by Israel’s Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef who during his recent weekly sermon compared African people to monkeys.

    The Israeli Rabbi’s views are vile but, sadly, also a reflection of Israel’s ongoing and wide-spread racism against Africans as well as the indigenous Palestinian people.
  • Minimum loon ‘kan nié op 1 Mei wet word’

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    Die nasionale minimum loon sal nié teen 1 Mei al in werking gestel word nie. Meer tyd gaan nou gegee word vir die bespreking van ingrypende arbeidswetswysigings, wat die wetgewing oor die minimum loon insluit.
  • Australië ‘gaan nie net grond weggee’

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    As Suid-Afrikaners in Australië wil gaan boer, moet hulle ’n plaas koop of op iemand anders se plaas gaan werk, want dié land “gee nie net grond aan immigrante nie”, sê ’n Australiese senator.
  • ICITP (SA)- Recognised professional body with SAQA, in terms of the NQF Act (South African Qualifications Authority)

    9 hours ago

    The Institute of Chartered IT Professionals ICITP (SA) is Southern Africa’s prestigious, SAQA recognized Information Technology Professional Body.
    Studies have shown that 98% of companies worldwide now depend on some form of computerized technology in order to be efficient and productive. Because of this, Computer Literacy has become a fundamental requirement not only in I.T, but across ALL business sectors. Proving that you are familiar with and able to effectively use common programs that businesses utilise daily (Excel, Word, Publisher etc), can mean that you have computer skills that other candidates do not. This stands out to recruiters and/or bosses, making you a preferable candidate for employment or promotion
    The Certified Computer End User CCEU (SA) certificate is awarded to capable computer users, working or aspiring to work in any profession. It validates an individual’s competence in basic computer practices within a workplace environment.

    All Matriculants/Tertiary Students who have already passed their Computer Applications Technology (CAT) and all college or university students who have passed any Computer/IT related modules in the 1st or 2nd year of study, regardless of the course or programme, are eligible for the CCEU(SA) certification through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

    For those who have not had any formal computer training, ICITP (SA) will provide training for free at our resource centre in Midrand. Please note that the certification thereafter will cost R750.
    If you are interested in becoming a member of ITICP and/or obtaining this prestigious designation and need further information, please call Jeff on 0113126696 or email To view our SAQA accreditation details please visit
  • KYK: Offisiere gooi Kaapse buurtwaghoof hardhandig op grond

    10 hours ago 5 likes 1 comments 6 shares
    KYK: “As dit die manier is waarop ons wetstoepassers inwoners behandel, is ons stad en sy mense in die moeilikheid.”
  • De Lille omgekrap oor tugverhoor se regskoste

    6 hours ago 4 likes 4 comments 1 shares
    Terwyl die DA sloer met haar tugverhoor, is haar regskoste besig om op te hoop, sê Patricia de Lille, burgemeester van Kaapstad, nadat haar tugverhoor vandag onbepaald uitgestel is.
  • Griekwa-speler met ou vlag ‘was ’n grap’

    10 hours ago 3 comments 1 shares
    ’n Speler van die Griekwa-rugbyspan wat met R10 000 beboet is omdat hy met ’n ou landsvlag gehardloop het, het dit glo as grap gedoen.
  • Outrage over alleged assaults as EFF members charged | LNN | Rosebank Killarney Gazette

    11 hours ago 3 likes
    Two senior #EFF members have picked up two charges of #assault in the space of a week.

    Journalist Adrian de Kock confirmed yesterday he had laid a charge of assault against EFF deputy president Floyd Shivambu following the latter’s alleged assault on De Kock in the parliamentary precinct, which was caught on camera and widely circulated on social media on Tuesday.