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  • Ramaphosa skors Tom Moyane van SAID

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    Pres. Cyril Ramaphosa het Tom Moyane, kommissaris van die Suid-Afrikaanse Inkomstediens (SAID), Maandag uit sy pos geskors hangende tugstappe teen hom.
  • Jason Rohde said 'I killed her, I killed her' - Susan's brother tells court

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    Susan Rohde's brother has testified about an emotional conversation he had with her husband shortly after her body was discovered.
  • M’sane man gets life term for murder of his sister

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    The Bhisho High Court has sent a 23year-old Mdantsane man to prison for the rest of his life after he confessed to killing his sister in 2014.
  • Lucia reveals the story behind her anti-vat&sit song

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    Ex-Idols SA contestant Lucia went home a changed woman after her Idols journey and one question she was ready to ask was ‘why am I in this five-year-relationship that’s standing still?’
  • On Health!! Ladies: See These Best 4 Exercises To Get Smaller Waist –

    11 hours ago
    A white man came down from
    America, down to Nigeria.
    He logged in a hotel.
    At the midnight when he was
    observing his quiet time. He
    began to hear musical
    instrument, that was coming
    from a nearby church, close to
    the hotel.
    But his attention was basically on
    the piano sound, which is also
    the keyboard.
    He said in his mind...."The person
    playing this keyboard is very
    good, I think I need to see him".
    So it happens that, over there in
    America, the man has a studio,
    and his keyboarder has resigned.
    And he needs a new keyboarder.
    So he finds this great
    opportunity to pick the young
    man, who was playing that
    keyboard at the nearby church,
    close to the hotel where he
    So right there in the church, the
    particular young man who was
    playing the keyboard, was been
    disturbed by his hand set, one of
    his friend was calling him on
    phone, so before the white man
    could enter the church, the
    man handed the keyboard over
    to another person and went to
    answer his call.
    After the service, the white man
    met the pastor of the church and
    tell him that he want to employ
    his keyboarder, and will take him
    over to America.
    The pastor accepted and asked
    him which of the keyboarder.
    The white man replied and said
    that he want to employ the
    present person he met when he
    came in.
    So the next day, he processed
    his papers, and took him over to
    Note: The person playing the
    keyboard for the first time, was
    the person who was qualified for
    the job over to America. But
    when he went to answer a
    call, the grace was transferred to
    the second person who took
    over the keyboard.
    My prayer for You:
    When its time for you to be
    promoted, I pray that your
    destiny and your promotion will
    not be transfered to another
    person by GOD'S GRACE in Jesus
    name... Ameeeeeeen
    I won't FORCE you to type AMEN!
  • On Entertainment!! “My Daughter Abandoned Me As Soon As She Saw Tiwa Savage At Lagos City Marathon” – Actress Monalisa Chinda. –

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    I loved Mark with all my heart
    we dated for 12 years and He was the man that disvirgined me
    Few weeks back,
    He proposed to me
    and it was the happiest day of my life
    i was full of smiles
    When i got home everyday knew that something had happened
    to me
    After so much excitements, i broke
    the news to my family and we were all excited
    After a date was agreed , Ken left for Lagos to come and formally
    ask for my hand on marriage
    I wouldn't sleep that night, i was so happy
    To finally settle down with me
    only man i ever gave my heart to
    I have not known any other man besides Ken
    He was my life
    We waited until evening, no seen of him
    i called His both phones but switched off
    i became so worried and curios.
    for few hours later
    A call came in from his young brother that Ken was involved in a
    fatal accident which took his life instantly
    I put off the phone and refused to believe
    but the stories never changed when i called him back
    To cut the story short We went for Ken's "unbelievable" burial
    After the burial, i asked my family to go back to Lagos that i would
    stay back and mourn my late fiance
    After they left Lagos and kept crying and kept crying
    that same evening i received that my family
    (Dad , mum and only two sisters) all died in an accident that
    involved our family car with a trailer
    carrying fuel
    I wished for death but it wouldn't take me
    I'm sending this message with heavy tears in my eyes
    Please pray for me because i might end up committing suicide
    i pray that the Lord with all your heart and to every person
    reading this, it shall never be your portion
    In the might Name of God i pray
    Please type AMEN and Share
  • Don't worry, be happy | CapeTown ETC

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    Today is World Happiness Day, let's join this beautiful baby boy in spreading smiles and sharing reasons to be happy. At Cape Town Etc, our reason to smile is you, our loyal community. What's your reason to smile today?
  • On Entertainment!! Ruggedman And Tiwa Savage Spark Dating Rumor As They Go On A Dinner Date On Her Birthday –

    7 hours ago
    Dear Admin
    My name Amarachi ,i got married to the
    love of my life ken.when we got married ken was
    staying in his parents compoud coz he was a
    boy.after 3years of marriage we were not able to
    get a
    child.during that time we visited every
    hospital,every specialist,we ran every kind of
    to know what was the matter but found
    kept saying that we are in perfect health and we
    shud wait alittle longer.we shifted to our own
    in another town and we gave ourselves to GOD
    started go to church.a man of God prophesied to
    and told me that ken's mom hated me and she
    bewitched my womb to never give made
    sense bcoz she was alway hating on me and
    ken that if iwas unable to give her a grandchild,i
    shud go away and let ken remarry.the man of
    prayed for me and sure enough,after4months i
    pregnant.i gave birth to a handsome baby
    was very happy that he called his mum and told
    the good its been a month since he
    her and i havent baby has been in and
    of the hospital its a rare skin
    in every part of my baby's skin,bleeding cracks
    his face and lips.this baby means everything to
    and i dont want to loose him.i have been praying
    fasting and i believe through prayers i will win
    battle. please guys help me pray for my baby's
    dear God,listen to the crys of this
    sister, dont let her son be taken away from
    your healing hand on her baby in jesus
    if you are
    touched and you feel for this woman type AMEN
    you dont care about her baby just ignore
  • On Entertainment!! #BBNaija: Evicted Housemate, Leo Loses Mother. –

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    A 100% TRUE FACT
    The Story You Are About To Read Is A Very
    Story Of Nollywood Actors AKI AND PAW PAW
    During my school days starting from primary to
    higher institution
    Most people looked at me as worthless beings
    of my look/statue, small and short. Even those that
    better than in terms of brain never took me as anything.
    Some used to say to me" Even you have first class
    nobody will employ you to work in his office"
    They forget that God does think the way humans
    Look at me today, i can enter where those big and huge
    people can not enter, I dine with Kings and Queens,
    My present makes people happy, I now offer jobs
    who never saw something good in me. Those who looked down on ME now look up to ME.
    The Lord is good, all the time. If i could make it you
    can make it. Don't lose hope my brothers/ sisters
    because God created us all for good reasons. There
    is something special in you that is not in others.
    These prayer are for those that can type amen and
    believe in God and themselves.
    God shall turn every disadvantages in your life to
    Advantages Those who look down on you today
    shall look up to What no man has ever gotten in your family, you
    be the first to get.
    Kings and Queens shall beg to dine with you.
    You shall give to nations.
    Your name shall bring happiness to people. You shall not die young/ you must live to fulfill the
    purpose God sent you to fulfill in this world.
    Only Those who believe in God and themselves
    type AMEN to claim these prayers.
  • Back to basics for Newlands wicket

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    THIRD TEST: Newlands curator Evan Flint has been given free rein to produce his best wicket, without pressure from the Proteas captain.